Skeptics: Here’s why your anti-vax Darwin jokes aren’t funny.


The anti-vax movement contains more collateral damage than just its uninformed members.

I love vaccinations. I get them every year. My whole family gets them. I will get vaccinated against any fucking thing I can. Not only do I hate being sick, I also enjoy being alive. I want everyone (who can be) to be similarly inoculated. I think it’s total idiocy to forgo the miracles of modern medicine for any reason other than bodily inability to have a vaccine.

But this is not an article to persuade anti-vaxxers of anything. If it were, I would’ve written it quite differently.


As the parent of an autistic child, I am all too often asked to give my opinion against vaccines, except I totally love vaccinations, so that is never going to happen.

I don’t mind making a joke at the expense of anti-vaxxers. They’re harming children and destroying a valuable human resource (immunity). Whenever I hear anti-vax garbage, I’m always happy to weigh in with the well-known and long-standing proof that’s readily available for anyone to see. If they get nasty with me, frankly, the jokes make themselves. However, I’m only making fun of the parents.

This is why you shouldn’t make a Darwin joke

More often than not, the victims of the anti-vax movement are not its members, but their children.  The people who propagate this horse shit are often vaccinated! The victims are kids who have done nothing wrong, save for being born to a couple of ignorant fools who endanger them. Can you imagine if we took this same narrative for the children of child abusers? What about children born into impoverished areas?

“Ha ha! It’ll all work out in the end, because those kids will be dead! Darwinism, am I right?”

The Darwin jokes are inappropriate, and to be perfectly blunt, TOTALLY FUCKED UP. If you’re making a natural selection joke, you’re making light of something dying.

Don’t make jokes about the kids dying. Make jokes about the parents if you must.

2 thoughts on “Skeptics: Here’s why your anti-vax Darwin jokes aren’t funny.”

  1. Most folks cannot balance risks, and cannot discern based on statistics. The terrifying improbable trumps the more likely risks. Cigars become less scary than meteors or space junk. Most of us are like the men of the Essex, whose fear of the improbable, cannibals, led to a route that made the likely, starvation, even more so. In the end, faced with starvation because of their chosen route they became cannibals themselves. Anti vaxers are not intentionally choosing to be ignorant; they are just human.

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