Rave Reviews for ALIEN: THE COLD FORGE!

Happy AlienDay, everyone! My latest novel, Alien: The Cold Forge, is out–and it’s getting rave reviews! Below, you can find a rundown of all the press so far.

Birth. Movies. Death

“[…] author Alex White has his head in the right place with The Cold Forge, crafting a story that could almost be entirely divorced from the Alien franchise but still tonally feels consistent with the films that inspired it.



Dread Central

“The character interplay is what makes the story feel fresh, and not just another boilerplate tale about aliens stalking victims and Weyland-Yutani once again conducting messy experiments.”


Alien: The Cold Forge might include all the typical tropes of an Alien story but Alex White just turns them all on their head. All of them.”

Jamie Sawyer

“[The Cold Forge] probably stands as one of the best Alien stories currently in print: reflecting the older traditions of writing in this universe, and harkening back to such classics as Labyrinth, Stronghold and Rogue.”

Set The Tape

“The Cold Forge, now the tenth Alien tie-in novel, proves if anything how much of a goldmine publishers have previously missed in telling stories within the universe Ridley Scott created. Alex White’s story would make a damn fine movie in itself.”

High Fever Books

“White gives this particular Alien story a score of various and compelling layers that help set it apart from the more traditional franchise fare, and it’s all the stronger because of it.”

Sci-Fi Bulletin

“White clearly loves the Alien universe, and there are some well-thought through and described encounters between humans and Xenomorphs – including one of the best descriptions I’ve yet seen regarding the way that the aliens can fold themselves into the tightest of corners.”


“If I haven’t convinced you yet to nab this book and grab a beach chair this summer, check your pulse.  Alien: The Cold Forge is an absolute must read for fans of the franchise.  Hidden shout outs to the movies that defined a generation of creature feature fans in the nineties are abundant, the characters are tight and dynamic, and the action drives this novel like a second mouth through a skull.”

AIPT! Comics

The Cold Forge probably represents the best prose novel regarding Alien shy of an Alan Dean Foster film novelization.”

“While [Prometheus and Alien: Covenant] served largely to polarize audiences, The Cold Forge is a story all Alien enthusiasts should champion.”



Bloody Disgusting


Set The Tape