Pitch me on #PitchWars 2015! (Adult Fiction)

I’m a #PitchWars mentor!

That means I’m actively looking for some special author that needs an agent. If you’re not familiar with Pitch Wars, I suggest you go take a look at Brenda Drake’s website and get briefed. Basically, it’s a contest where agented/published authors like me choose a manuscript to critique and read, then try to get an agent for our mentees.

So you want to know about me? Check out my bio.┬áMy book, EVERY MOUNTAIN MADE LOW, commanded a handsome advance from a really good publisher, and you’ll be able to buy it in every bookstore in America and Britain in 2016.

Let me save you some time.

  • Adult fiction only. No anything else.
  • No regular-ass, unmodded niche genres. I don’t want to read plain steampunk. Regular space opera doesn’t interest me. Get in there and shake things up.
  • No mean people… except in your stories. I love mean people in stories.
  • This is a trad pub contest. If you bash trad pub all over the internet while we’re working together, I can’t be motivated to help you.
  • No memoirs.

I want to see your queries in a concise format, similar to the one suggested here. Continue reading Pitch me on #PitchWars 2015! (Adult Fiction)