Best Music Videos of 2014: Take a Break from Your Writing

I know this isn’t a post about writing.

However, I feel like I’m allowed to inspire and shake you around, if only for a bit. Music videos are one of my favorite formats, and watching them can be like reading tarot cards; Sometimes, they create stories in you where there are none. Other times, I just wanted an excuse to share music with you.

Electronica: Mystery Skulls – Ghost

This video put me onto them in the first place and OH MY GOD I LOVE IT.

Rap: Azealia Banks – Chasing Time

This moderately NSFW video features one of my favorite rap artists to date. If you like that, be sure and check out “212” as well.

Rock: CHVRCHES – Lies

New wave in the grand tradition of early MTV, CHVRCHES captures a lot of what I miss about the 80s.

Pop: Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

You’ve probably seen this aerobic video. You’ve probably heard the song. You may have even seen them together. I so do not care.

Folk: Volcano Choir – Byegone

Nature as visualizer. The more I watch it, the more mezmerized I become. I’m kind of a sucker for the fluorescent aesthetic.

Country: Laura Marling – Master Hunter

I feel like you need to see a couple of contortionists battle it out while the female successor to the Bob Dylan cadence rolls on in the background. Disturbing and gorgeous at the same time.


So what did I miss? What music videos of 2014 were your favorites? Post your recommendations in the comments below.

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