New Photos

I like taking photos. Here are some recent photos I took.


This is Kelsey Prater. She does the best Jillian Holtzmann I’ve ever seen. Don’t believe me? Go check out the rest of the album.


This is a field near Guntersville Dam. I’m pretty sure this is federal property. I used a grad ND to get the clouds stacked on a 3-stop ND to allow for longer exposure. It was ridiculously hot and bright outside.


This is some rich guy’s lawn overlooking Lake Guntersville. Fun fact: if you’re on a public road, you can take pictures (though you may get yelled at if you shoot into houses). Said rich guy looked confused about our right to be there when he pulled up in his rich guy truck.

Circular polarizer to improve the sky color. Tilt-shift lens.


I’m still experimenting with the tilt-shift, trying to get the most out of it, but I like this shot. I couldn’t use the viewfinder with it because the angle of the lens blacked out the prism. It was weird. I could still use the live view, though on a bright day, that was pretty tough.

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