A Traditional Publishing Timeline

“My book came out yesterday!”

“Oh yeah? How do you get published?”

First, you get an agent.

In 2006, I finished my first novel. I started querying. By 2007, it became clear that no one wanted it. Barbara Lowenstein sent me my first form rejection letter.

In 2009, I finished THE GEARHEART. Again, I started querying. The only real response came from Laurie McLean, then of Larsen Pomada. I met her through Philippa Ballantine.

Laurie said, in a nutshell, “Great imagination! Your craft sucks!”

I spent 3 years wasting time on that book, trying to get it right, rewriting it from scratch. I never did.

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My dream was to sell a book. We did.

My heart is full and my life is good. Solaris officially announced that my book, EVERY MOUNTAIN MADE LOW, will debut in 2016.

Featuring Pullman-esque world building and set in a future Alabama city known as ‘The Hole,’ Every Mountain Made Low tells the story of Loxley, a young autistic woman whose family have the ability to see the restless dead. But for Loxley, the spirits of the deceased can see her back; they’re drawn to her like a bright fire, and their lightest touch leaves her with painful wounds. She avoids them as best she can, but she can’t say no to the spectre of Nora, her only friend, who was alive just hours ago. Swearing to take blood for blood and find her friend’s killer, she finds herself drawn into a conspiracy that will see her hunted down by the brutal enforcer of the corporate interests who reign over the hellish city.

For every GEARHEART fan who wondered what happened to my writing career, there’s the answer. I thank you all for graciously sticking with me on my journey.

For all of my friends who read my stories and gave encouraging words, thank you. For my agent, who exhibited many forms of genius during this sale, thank you.

Most of all, thanks to my wife and parents for taking care of me during my writing career. We’re at the beginning, but I’m sure I’ll impose on you again soon!